Chess Challenge – Day 2 – ELO: 256

For now I’ll just post the training I did and the games with a short analysis for each day and possibly a weekly or bi-weekly summary. Bulk posting after about two weeks. I also figured out afterwards that you can see the ELO as of after the game so I’ll use end of day ELO in the title. The tactics training is basically grinding through Chess King Tactics for Beginners then repeating it (woodpecker style).


  • Tactics, Chess King Tactics for Beginners (30m)
  • Game & Analysis

Game 2 – 27.02.2024 – W – draw

  • Accuracy about 70%
  • 6. Standard Colle move but computer likes Nc3
  • 7. Unsure here/out of prep
  • 8. Seems like I lose material here, should have played Nbd2 (9.gxf3 Bh3 10. Nc3 Bxf1 Be5 because if we move the rook → Ne4)
    • If double N in center by villain, protect N with N
  • 9. Queen takes seems to blunder the Q (→Bg4)
  • 14. B takes is a blunder → g6 wins the Q
  • Summary: Blunders, got into a strong attacking position but didn’t find the right moves, unsure in the opening