Chess Challenge – Day 15 – ELO: 618


  • Tactics, Chess King Tactics for Beginners (30m)
  • Game & Analysis

Game 16 – 11.03.2024 – W – win

  • Accuracy 81.5%, 950 rating
  • Vs. Dutch defense, not sure what to do → Standard CZ move order leads to about +0.1 after 10 moves
  • Mixed up the knight positioning and had to “wing it2 in the opening
  • 5. f3 is inaccurate, better to go Nf3 or b3
  • 6. e4 would have been good (even though it’s a bit odd to move the pawn twice)
  • 10. Plan was to attack with b5 but this is a bad move. Nf4 better plan (threatening the fork on e6)
  • 13. e4 mistake → Qd2 better (I did consider it during the game)
  • 15. Nxe4 looses material (saccing exchange on f6 or taking with B is better)
  • 18. c3 traps the B
  • 21. Moving the Q is not the best move, instead bring knight to g3 or b5 with the idea of removing c6 to open the white diagonal
  • 23. Missed B en prise blunder (0:21 time left)
  • 28. Should play Ne4 immediately here (but found it eventually)
  • Should castle earlier (recommended since about move 5)
  • Strong endgame to win, lucky opponent blundered at the end